David Beckham Takes Legal Action Against Mark Wahlberg

By Ehsteem Arif


David Beckham, soccer icon, is suing Mark Wahlberg, Hollywood star, over a reported $16.4 million dispute involving alleged fraudulent conduct.


Beckham accuses Wahlberg and others of fraudulent conduct, claiming he was misled during business dealings, resulting in significant financial losses.


In 2022, Beckham's firm initiated litigation against Wahlberg's F45 Training and filed a separate case with Australian entrepreneur Greg Norman.

Misled Ambassadors

Both Beckham and Norman allege they were misled by Wahlberg to serve as ambassadors, leading to substantial financial losses.

Financial Losses

Beckham claims he lost over $16.4 million, with promised stocks withheld before share prices dropped, exacerbating his losses.

Legal Defense

Wahlberg and others deny the allegations, dismissing them as baseless and seeking the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Lengthy Complaint

Wahlberg criticizes Beckham's lengthy complaint, stating it lacks merit and attempts to compensate with sheer volume.

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