Eminem’s 16-Year Sobriety Milestone

By Ehsteem Arif


Eminem, the iconic rapper, has marked 16 years of sobriety with a powerful Instagram post on April 20. The image features a chip displaying the words 'Unity', 'Service', 'Recovery', and the number 16. 


Eminem’s decision to lead a sober life came after a near-fatal Dr*g overdose in 2007. He made a life-changing commitment to get clean after consuming up to 20 pills daily.


Speaking on the Paul Pod Podcast in 2022, Eminem saying, “I remember when I first got sober and all the s*** was out of my system, I remember just being, like, really happy and everything was f****** new to me again.”


Eminem attributes a significant part of his recovery to his children. He is a proud father to three kids: Hailie Jade, his biological daughter, and Alaina and Stevie, his adopted children.

Fan Support

Eminem’s recent Instagram post celebrating his 16 years of sobriety has garnered overwhelming support from fans. 

Fan Reactions

Fans expressed their admiration and support through comments. One user wrote, “Proud of you!!!! You are a real inspiration to everyone out there.”


This isn’t the first time Eminem has shared his Dr*g-free milestones on social media. In 2019, he celebrated 11 years of sobriety with an Instagram post captioned, “11 years - still not afraid.”

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