Idina Menzel announces her 'Take Me or Leave Me Tour'

By Ehsteem Arif

Versatile Career

Idina Menzel, the superstar known for her incredible vocal range and versatile career, recently announced her first tour in nearly eight years. 

Reconnecting with Fans

“I was really missing the connection with my fans,” Menzel tells Billboard. She aims to reconnect personally with her fans through her music, beyond her roles in characters.

Inspiration Behind the Tour

The tour title, "Take Me or Leave Me," is inspired by the beloved song from the musical Rent, where Menzel made her Tony-nominated Broadway debut as Maureen Johnson in 1996.

Tour Dates

The North American run of the tour kicks off on July 19 in Seattle, Wash., and stretches throughout the summer, hitting venues in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and more.

Uninhibited and Authentic

“Maureen was always uninhibited and extremely comfortable in who she was,” Menzel recalls. She aims to capture that same authenticity in her tour, showing fans who she is now and how she has evolved.

Timeless Connection

The tour is not just a celebration of Menzel’s iconic roles but also an opportunity for her to connect with her fans after a long hiatus, showing them her experiences and hoping they’ll love her no matter what.

Passion for Redwood

Menzel is also passionate about her new musical, Redwood, at La Jolla Playhouse. She wants to ensure she can personally connect with her fans, apart from her character roles.

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