John Heilemann Joins Puck as Chief Political Columnist

By Ehsteem Arif

Puck's New Hire

Puck, the subscription newsletter company, announces the hiring of veteran journalist and TV commentator John Heilemann as its chief political columnist and partner.

Strategic Move

Heilemann's hiring is a strategic move by Puck to bolster its coverage of power and politics, expanding its presence in Washington ahead of the November election.

Correspondents' Dinner

The company will host its first event for the White House Correspondents' Dinner this week, signaling its commitment to growing its Washington events and products.

Heilemann's Credentials

Heilemann is an analyst for NBC News and MSNBC and co-creator of Showtime's political docuseries, "The Circus," bringing extensive political expertise to Puck.

Weekly Column

At Puck, Heilemann will author a weekly column titled "Impolitic," providing insightful analysis and commentary on political events and developments.

New Sunday Edition

He will also anchor a new Sunday edition of Puck's daily political private email, "The Best & The Brightest," offering readers exclusive content and in-depth analysis.

Podcast Appearance

Heilemann will appear on Puck's daily "Powers That Be" podcast throughout the week, joining other political writers like Tara Palmeri, Julia Ioffe, Peter Hamby, Tina Nguyen, and Abby Livingston.

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