Best Smash Burger Pancakes Recipe

By Ehsteem Arif


Egg, Plain flour, Baking powder, Caster sugar, Milk, Neutral-tasting oil, Beef mince, American cheese or mild cheddar, Burger sauce, Sliced gherkins.

Recipe Step 1

Separate the egg and beat the white to soft peaks. Mix the yolk with flour, baking powder, and sugar, then whisk in milk to form a smooth paste. Gently fold in the whipped egg white for a fluffy texture.

Recipe Step 2

Heat oil in a non-stick pan and spoon in the batter to make pancakes. Cook until edges are set and golden. Repeat to make more pancakes, keeping them warm in a low oven.

Recipe Step 3

Divide the mince and shape into patties. Season well with salt and pepper. Cook the patties in a hot pan, pressing down with a smaller pan until thin. Top with cheese and cook until melted.

Recipe Step 4

Spread burger sauce on two pancakes, top each with a patty, sliced gherkins, and another pancake. Stack them up to create delicious Smash Burger Pancakes.

Recipe Step 5

Serve the Smash Burger Pancakes hot, savoring the blend of savory pancakes, juicy beef patties, and melted cheese. Enjoy this unique and flavorful dish with friends and family.

Recipe Final Step

Experiment with different toppings and sauces to customize your Smash Burger Pancakes. Try adding crispy bacon, caramelized onions, or spicy mayo for extra flavor.

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