Best S'mores Dip Recipe Ever

By Ehsteem Arif


Milk chocolate, Full-fat milk, Mini marshmallows, Digestive biscuits, Strawberries, Pineapple chunks, Skewers.

Recipe Step 1

Heat the chocolate, milk, and 200g of marshmallows in an ovenproof frying pan over low heat until melted and smooth. Arrange the remaining marshmallows on top to cover the surface.

Recipe Step 2

Grill on high for 1-2 minutes until the marshmallows are toasted. Serve the S'mores Dip with digestive biscuits, strawberry, and pineapple skewers for a delightful dunking experience.

Recipe Step 3

Wash and hull the strawberries. Cut the pineapple into chunks. Skewer the strawberries and pineapple for easy dunking and serving with the S'mores Dip.

Recipe Step 4

Present the S'mores Dip in the ovenproof frying pan for an eye-catching display. Enjoy the rich and gooey texture of melted chocolate and marshmallows with the crispy biscuits and fresh fruit.

Recipe Step 5

You can add a sprinkle of crushed digestive biscuits or a drizzle of caramel sauce for extra flavor. Remember to adjust the grilling time to achieve your desired level of marshmallow toastiness.

Recipe Final Step

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate and marshmallow treat with this fantastic S'mores Dip recipe. Perfect for sharing with friends and family on any occasion.

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