7 Essential Tips for Walking Your Dog Safely

By Ehsteem Arif

Importance of Harness

An escape-proof dog harness is essential for controlling your dog's reactions, especially when they react four times faster than humans to new stimuli.

Quick Reactions

Dogs react faster than humans, making it difficult to control their responses. An escape-proof dog harness allows you to manage your dog's reactions effectively, ensuring their safety in various situations.

Safety Concerns

Excitement can make dogs unpredictable, especially in crowded places or when meeting other dogs. Failing to control your dog's behavior can lead to safety issues.

Using the Harness

Always tug on the escape-proof dog harness strap to let your dog know you are in control. This action can improve your reaction speed and help manage your dog's behavior effectively.

Tightening the Strap

Before approaching other dogs or entering crowded areas, tighten the harness strap. This action allows your dog to calm down and become more controllable.

Right Harness

Selecting a suitable and durable escape-proof dog harness is essential for your dog's safety. Ensure the harness fits your dog comfortably and provides maximum control to prevent potential escape and safety issues.


Introduce your dog to the escape-proof harness gradually, allowing them to become familiar with it. Training can help your dog associate the harness with positive experiences.

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