Top 7 Zodiac Signs April Retrograde

By Ehsteem Arif


Aries may find themselves reflecting on their goals and ambitions, reassessing their direction in life during this retrograde.


Taurus may experience a time of introspection, focusing on their values and relationships, seeking clarity and stability.


Gemini may feel a pull to revisit past decisions and communication patterns, seeking to resolve any lingering misunderstandings.


Cancer may delve into their emotional depths, examining past wounds and seeking healing and closure during this retrograde.


Leo may reflect on their creative pursuits and self-expression, reassessing their passions and seeking new inspiration.


Virgo may focus on their health and daily routines, seeking to establish better habits and routines for their well-being.


Libra may reevaluate their relationships and partnerships, seeking balance and harmony in their personal and professional connections.

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